The artwork of Harry Wellington

The Artist.

With many creative antecendents, I was blessed with an artistic disposition. My earliest pictures were portraits or reproductions of images I liked. I was happiest trying to make a drawing look as realistic as possible. I worked continually on my ability to render light and shadow and paid little heed to freehand or imaginative drawing.

Even though I initially chose a rather limiting career path with sign-writing, it did equip me with technical skills that aided later endeavours. After some vocation hopping, I eventually started my own art business drawing commissioned portraits. When time permitted, I tried my hand at painting nudes, which only furthered my interest in photo-like art. 

To balance out the intricate and time consuming work, I found expression through forgoing a brush and just throwing paint at a canvas. Eventually, I sought to combine the two and began overlaying the Pollock style pieces with silhouettes.

The Person

A wanderer at heart and a chameleon by trade, my journey through life has taken me around Australia a few times and overseas to Thailand, India, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and New Zealand.

Along the way I've found work as a trolley boy, a basketball referee, a sign-writer, a carer for a quadriplegic man, a student of nutrition, a vegetarian cook, an artist, a volunteer at orphanages in Cambodia and Mongolia, a coffee barista, a farm worker and a barman.

A Buddhist and vegetarian, I have an enduring and overwhelming love for all animals we share this planet with. When not staring at clouds or lost to day dreaming, I love to write, paint, eat, spend time at the beach or in the company of beautiful friends.